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UVC Air Disinfection Purifier

UVC Air Disinfection Purifier

UVC Air Disinfection Purifier

  • UVC air disinfection Purifier is designed to remove bacterias,virus,formaldehyde,mold,dust,odor etc., offering clean air for household,office,hotel,supermarket,hospital and other public facilities.

    UV light air disinfection cleaner


    1.UVC light disinfection against bacterial and virus,99.75% kill rate

    2.Activated carbon,high efficiency removal of HCHO,TVOCs and Odors

    3.HEPA H13 filter,capturing fine particles,PM0.3 purification rate up to 99.95%

    4.Negative ion output,reducing harm of PM2.5

    5.Ultrasonic humidification, raising air humidity

    Quick Details:

       Power Consumption: 145W/70W/20W  as to Max/Medium/Low output mode

       Input Voltage: 110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60Hz

       Noise Level: 68dBA/45dBA/23dBA as to Max/Medium/Low output mode 

       Fan Speed: 5 levels(Auto,1st grade,2nd grade,3rd grade,4th grade)

       Motor: EBM brand motor

       Air Quality Indicator: Yes

       Control: Touch panel+Wifi+remote

       Finsh: White or customized

       Dimension: 390mmX390mmX930mm (W-H-D)

       Weight: 21kg(Net),22kg(Gross)

       Warranty: 3 years

       Certificate: CE/ROHS/FCC

       Room size coverage: 100 square meters


    UV light air disinfection purifier configuration


  • Sterilization and purification:

     Bacteria removal rate   > 99%
     Virus removal rate   > 99%
     Odor removal rate   > 99%
     Mold removal rate   > 99%
     Dust removal rate   > 99%
     Formaldehyde removal rate   > 99%

    5-7 stages processing:



       Aluminum alloy with Sponge

       Remove coarse dust, hair, pollen etc.



    2.UV Light Disinfection

    UV light disinfection module

       4pcs UV lamps 11-20W

       Ozone-less ultraviolet rays 254nm(ppm<0.25)

       Kill bacterials and viruses


       9,000 hrs life time

    3.HEPA H13 Filter

    HEPA H13 filter

       Class E13 in EN1822

       Remove dust particles,bacterials,viruses

       PM0.3 filtering efficiency up to 99.95%


       6-8 month life time

    4.Activated Carbon Filter

    Activated carbon filter

       Activated-Catalytic Carbon

       Honeycomb coconut shell design

       Remove HCHO, TVOCsand Odors etc.


       6-8 month life time

    5.Negative Ion Generator

    Negative ion generator

       20 Million PCS/CBM ion output

       Reduce PM2.5 harm to human body

    6.Cold ion module (Optional)

    7.Tio2 filter (Optional)


    Humidification module

       Ultrasonic diffusion module

       Water tank capacity 1.5L

       180-240 lm/hr output

       8 hours humidifying time


    househould, hotel,office,supermarket,hospital etc.

    UVC air disinfection purifier applications


  • UVC Air Disinfection Purifier Operation:

    UVC disinfection air purifier operation


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