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LED palm tree ring light

LED palm tree ring light

LED palm tree ring light for palm tree lighting
White light, amber, red, blue,green light color etc.

  • This LED palm tree ring light is designed for outdoor palm tree lighting, tree trunk mounting, perfect for landscape lighting, holiday lighting etc.

    LED palm tree ring light lighting


    1) DC24V/DC12V or AC120V/AC220V.

    2) IP66 rated for outdoor lighting.

    3) Adjustable ring for different range of tree sizes.

    4) Lamp options for different output requirement.

    5) Directional lamp adjustable for up and down lighting. 

    6) Life span over 50,000hrs.

    7) 3 years warranty.

    8) Working temperature:-25°C~60°C.

    9) Solar power option is available.


    Lamp options:

    1) Osram LED, 110lm/W for white lighting.


    2) 7W or 14W per lamp, , wattage can be customized.

    3) Aluminum housing+glass cover.

    4) Light color 3000K-5000K, or Amber, Green, Red, Blue etc.

    5) Beam angle options: 15°/30°/45°.

    6) adjustable for up and down lighting.


    Ring options:

    1) Stainless steel ring.

    2) Ring diameter:400mm/500mm or customized

    3) Long screw bolt with PC cap for tree trunk mounting.

    4) Adjustale for specified range of tree sizes.

    5) 4 lamps per ring/6 lamps per ring/8 lamps per ring.


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